Redd Horrocks

Redd is a Freelance Voiceover Artist. Her career started in 2003 with a chance encounter with a video game developer, and has continued to grow ever since. She has worked with a plethora of clients from more than 100 countries, completing over 50,000 different projects for anything you can think of, and some things she can’t forget. She is originally from West Sussex, England, but currently resides in America. She makes a dynamite cup of tea, and really loves her job.


Andy Youso

Andy is a Freelance Voiceover Artist and Radio Personality. He has been been helping clients that are looking for a young, fresh, conversational voiceover since 2012. He has helped Fortune 500 Companies such as Comcast, Danone, and Google with critical projects, and can’t wait to get started on yours! He resides in St. Paul, Minnesota with his wife and two boys, but that may change if they ever unthaw long enough to move somewhere warmer.