Frequently Asked Questions

You will receive a zip file with the Voicemail you have purchased in three separate formats, which you can then upload to your telephone system.

You will receive a Zip File which contains three formats. A standard high quality Wav file, a standard high quality MP3 file, and an 8 bit 8khz ADPCM encoded Wav file, for use with most PBX systems.

Every phone system and carrier has different specifications. We highly recommend that you check in with your phone system before purchasing to find out their requirements for uploading files. If you want to test before you purchase, you can download our Sample Test pack, which contains a short test for you to upload and verify your system.

Please note that some systems do not allow you to upload a file. In that case, we advise playing the file on your computer, and holding a telephone to the computer speakers (please note, this will likely result in a lower quality recording and should be used as a last resort, Instant Voicemails is not responsible for a loss of quality caused by using this method.

Click here for specific information on uploading to several of the most common phone systems.

We are happy to offer Custom Voicemails tailored to your company and needs. Simply go to our Custom section, fill out a little information such as the accent choice and script, and you will be sent your unique Voicemail within 3 business days.


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