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You tube video link to watch that explains: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=giwBv4o35LE. Google doesn’t allow uploading mp3 files as GV greetings (speculation on the forums is that they fear lawsuits due to copyright violation) but there is a trick you can use.

  1. Queue your mp3 file in your computer media player.
  2. Go into your Windows Sound settings (right click the speaker icon in your Task bar or go through Control Panel) and select Recording Devices.
  3. Change your Recording Device to Stereo Mix.

Now that your Windows Recording Device is set to Stereo Mix, whatever plays from your media player will be channeled in place of your microphone.

Go to Google Voice Settings > Voicemail & Text > Voicemail Greeting

You must have a software telephone configured on your computer desktop (and verified as a Google Voice forwarding telephone) that is able to answer a call from Google Voice.

Click on Record New (in Google Voice) and select your verified software telephone. Answer the phone when it rings

Google instructs you to record your message after the tone. When you hear the tone, play your media player with the mp3 file that you queued in step 1, above

Your mp3 file will go directly through “stereo mix” and record to your Google Voice voicemail greeting bypassing the telephone microphone. Your recording should be a lot cleaner than if you used a headset/microphone although it won’t be full mp3 quality as if you physically uploaded it.

When you are finished, remember to go back to your Windows Sound settings and change Stereo Mix back to Microphone.

2nd Method

Internal Microphone. This involves downloading an internal mic to your computer. This video walks you through this step by step.

About Google Voice Voicemail – Google Voice is a VOIP service… an internet based voicemail service. What this means is that the quality of sound on google voice voicemail is not very high, but it works for many businesses big and small, and it’s free. To get even better sound out of Google VOIP voicemail, try using an mp3 for your Google Voice Greeting.

This does not involve you holding up your phone to your computer while you play the mp3 – that will not sound good. Rather, this involves 2 microphones speaking directly to each other and eliminating background noise. In this video, we teach you how to do this step by step.

Video Links / Information

  1. Recommended Mp3 formatting settings:
  2. Total RMS = between -23 db and -18 db
  3. Peak Values no higher than -3db
  4. Noise Floor no higher than -60db RMS
  5. Be 192 kbps or higher mp3, constant bit rate Free online recording software : Audacity.com


  1. Download Cyberduck (or any SFTP application) http://cyberduck.ch/
  2. Establish a connection between your iPhone and computer: (Keep in mind, these instructions only apply if you use Cyberduck)
    • Download OpenSSH from Cydia
    • Connect both your computer and iPhone to the same wireless network
    • Open Cyberduck, and click the “+” in the bottom left corner
      • From the protocol drop-down menu, choose “SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol”
      • In the ‘Nickname’ field, type whatever you like
      • In the ‘Server’ field, type your IP Address.
      • In the ‘Username’ field, type root
    • Click on the red X to close the window
    • You should see a new ‘tab’ or ‘bookmark’ that shows all the information you entered (If Cyberduck ever asks you for a password, type “Alpine”)
  3. Convert your .mp3 to a .amr here: http://www.convertfiles.com/convert/audio/MP3-to-AMR.html
  4. Double-click on the iPhone bookmark in Cyberduck. Depending on your iPhone, there are two paths you can take to get to where you need. If the first one doesn’t work, try the second one: / private/var/mobile/library/voicemail replace the existing Greeting.amr with your Greeting.amr OR /var/mobile/Library/Voicemail replace the existing Greeting.amr with your Greeting.amr
  5. Tap “Save” on your iPhone


To create a new greeting:

  1. Go to your RingCentral account and click My Settings.
  2. Click the Greetings link in the menu along the left-hand side.
  3. In My Rules, click New next to the greeting you’d like to change, such as introductory or voicemail greetings. (If you’d like to change your company greeting, click the Go to Company Greeting link above the box.)
  4. Follow the instructions in Record over the Phone to record over the phone. Or click Upload a file to upload a file, and follow the steps listed.
  5. Enter a greeting name that’s easy to remember.
  6. Click Submit when you’re ready to upload your greeting.

You’ll see the greeting listed in the row where you clicked New. You can listen to it by clicking the Play button.

Your new greeting is ready for business!


Create a New Greeting

  1. Log into your Phone.com account.
  2. Mouse over Configure and click Add a Greeting.
  3. Enter a nickname for your greeting, for example, Voicemail, and select the phone extension you want to restrict this greeting to (Restricted to). Leave Allow for use as hold music set to No.
  4. Click to choose how you want to add your greeting, and complete all required fields:
    • Text to Greeting: Enter the greeting text that you want to convert to an audio message. Select a voice for your greeting from the drop-down menu and click Add. Our Text to Greeting service will translate the text you enter into a greeting that will be saved to your account.
    • Record from Phone: Click Click to Record a Greeting, enter your phone number, and click Call. Answer the call and follow the prompts to record your greeting.
    • Upload New File: Click Choose File and browse to select the audio file you want to use as your voicemail greeting. Click Upload.
  5. Click Save Greeting to the right of your screen.

You’ve added a greeting to use on your voicemail!

Activate Your Voicemail Greeting on Your Extension

  1. Mouse over Configure and select Manage Users and Extensions.
  2. Select Edit for the extension on which you want to use your greeting.
  3. Scroll down to the Voicemail section.
  4. Select your voicemail greeting from the Standard Greeting drop-down menu.
  5. Select Save Changes.

You’ve assigned your greeting to your extension. Now be sure to forward your Phone.com number to voicemail!


Nextiva Connect: How to upload a Voicemail Greeting

Nextiva Connect is a flexible forwarding service packed with features such as an Auto Attendant, unlimited extensions, professional voicemail service and multiple forwarding options.

If you already have your own professional recording established, Nextiva can upload it to your Nextiva Connect account at no additional cost. You may also upload your greetings yourself through the Office Manager portal.

To upload a recorded file, you must follow these formatting rules:

  • .wav
  • PCM Uncompressed (sometimes called u-Law)
  • 8 or 16 Bit
  • 8000 HZ
  • Mono
  • Also, please note files larger than 5MB may not upload.

There are many audio file converters available for free on the Internet (try Goldwave, for example). Nextiva Support can also convert the file for you (at no cost) and send it back to you in the proper format. Or, if you would like us to upload the greeting for you, contact our support team please email us at support@nextiva.com, Submit a Ticket, or give us call at 800.285.7995.

How do I upload a greeting myself?

  1. For administrators, log in to the NextOS Portal by going to www.nextiva.com and selecting Customer Login from the top right corner. Enter your login credentials andclick Sign in.
  2. Click Sites and then Employees.
  3. Click the blue Voicemail link next to the employee for whom you want to upload the greeting. From there, scroll down to Personal greeting recorded by you. Search for your file by clicking Browse. You will be able to search your computer for the recording file you wish to upload.
  4. Once you find and highlight the file, click Open and the file will appear in the field next to the Browse button. Scroll down, click Save Changes, and your file will be uploaded. The recording must be in the proper format for it to upload correctly.

Please note that Instant Voicemails is not responsible for any repercussions of attempting to alter your telephone greeting. It is always advisable to check with your phone service provider regarding file uploads prior to purchase.